The seeds of scienTEST were sown by Friedrich Wilhelm-Wesemann who started working in the chemical business in the 1960's as a QC chemist.Through persistent effort and dedicated effort rose to the position of Head of Product Marketing Management of Riedel de Haen Laboratory chemicals – a major laboratory chemicals supplier. Following the acuistion of Riedel de Haen Laboratory chemicals by Sigma Aldrich, Friedrich worked as Vice President (Marketing - Riedel de Haen brand).

Co-inciding with the dropping of the Riedel de Haen brand and in an effort to build a business he had understood through experience and gained expertise in, Friedrich establsih scienTEST in 2001. scienTEST was positioned to meet the requirements of high purity solvents and reagents for reseach among growing companies in Germany and surrounding market.

By 2005, scienTEST had established strong working relations with end-user clients, dealers, distributors in Western Europe. scienTEST had also established partnerships with complimentary businesses supplying water analysis kits, deuterated compounds, laboratory chemicals and reagents consumables and organic compounds. In 2008, scienTEST tied up with bioKEMIX for fine chemicals and research biochemicals and actively promoted its offering within continental Europe.

In 2011, scienTEST merged with bioKEMIX WORLDWIDE to expand its offering worldwide through the bioKEMIX network. ISO certified scienTEST bioKEMIX GbR is now able to offer its range of laboratory products to markets in Europe, USA, India and China and the Middle East.